About Us

Welcome To Yardlabs International Private Limited

Who We Are

  • We are Brand FATHER MADE operating under YardLabs Pvt. Ltd. and consider ourselves the carrier of nature-made nutrition. We think that the environment has all the resources required for mankind and every individual can get his or her necessary nutrition entirely from nature.

    It is our belief that we can use the full potential of nature by identifying the proper resources and nutrition without adding any impurities with that. We are determined to deliver the best food with the highest level of nutrition to society at a fair price.


  • Our mission is to make a potential community with good mentality and people who believe in the power of nature. We are striving to make such a community associating renowned scientists and with their valuable suggestion, we have put effort into identifying the power of nature and herbs. Our business motive is to link the potential community with the hidden treasure of nature to serve wellness.


  • Our vision is to represent the power of Ayurveda in the mainstream of society through detailed research on that hidden treasure. We are focused on utilizing the blessing of Ayurveda for the well-being of mankind. We are committed to serving the nation and the community across the nation, being the leading company in the sector of Ayurveda and Nutraceuticals by the 21st Century.

Our Commitment

  • We are BRAND FATHER MADE, committed to serving the nation harmful chemical-free food products throughout our entire business life. We aren’t ignorant about our social responsibilities to make the society better off through wellness; hence securing profit is not our sole business motive.


  • We want to serve the community in and across the nation, maintaining ethical standards.

What we do

  • We securely use the powerful herbs available in nature to design our unique products with a high therapeutic and preventive value.

About Our Innovation & Scientific Research Team

  • We are striving to innovate new superior quality products every moment. Some of our products are in extracted form, and we have designed new type of machinery to support high-quality extraction process. Our R&D team is renowned as Genimen Pharmacon Pvt. Ltd. We are glad to have the eminent scientist Dr. Asim K. Duttaroy (wikipedia.org, 2023) as the head scientist on our scientific advisory board (fb.watch, 2023).

Where It Comes From

  • Our innovation process is influenced by nature. We have used technological innovation to extract natural elements securely from the environment to develop our products.

Our purpose

  • The primary motive of our operational function is to encourage people to achieve wellness through practicing healthy living.

What you get

  • Our business process will allow each customer to enjoy a complete wellness experience every day to promote healthy living.